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JenEyre Photography at Conventions - How things work

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Looking for your pictures from a convention? You'll find them herefirst. You'll be able to download social media size images and, if you like, order edits, high-resolution files, or prints. I also share some conventions here

QUICK CONVENTION INFO FORM- If I took your picture at a convention please fill this out so I can connect you with your pictures

If you're reading this page, we likely met at a convention where I got a chance to take your picture. Welcome! Or, if we're both planning to attend the same convention, I can't wait to meet you!

All photographers do things a little differently at conventions, which can get confusing and awkward. Here's how I do things! And if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


When I'm walking around a convention and a cosplayer agrees to let me take their picture, that's called a "Hall Shot" (because its in the hallway or other area of the convention). I do basic edits of those hall shots and share social media-sized versions of them for free (although gratuities are gratefully accepted and you can order more in-depth edits and higher resolution files from the gallery). I love when people share my work on social media, so please credit and tag me. I rarely grant permission for others to edit my photographs (other than adding lightsaber blades) but am generally very flexible with convention hall shots--just reach out and ask!

Sometimes I get REALLY excited about a particular costume (or group) and when there's a little time I'll pull them aside to grab more photos than I'd get with a typical hall shot. If I'm feeling inspired I'll pick an image or two to edit from that, or I may offer them the chance to pick which one I edit. I can also set up a proofing gallery and you can pick a free image in addition to ordering more edits. Just let me know! These opportunities are never guaranteed though, so if you really want to work with me I definitely suggest booking a session ahead of time!


Between client photoshoots, I attend select meetups and organized open-invitation (public) photoshoots. Sometimes I'm able to commit to one ahead of time, but other times I'll swing by when I have a chance. Like with hall shots, I share basic edits for social media for free. This is also often a good opportunity to get individual or small group shots after the main group.


If you know you want to work with me, booking a mini-session at a convention is the way to make sure that happens! I generally have promotions where you receive a discount on rates to thank you for donating to a featured charity

SPECIAL NOTE - At certain conventions, such as DragonCon, or during times where I'm volunteering as a member of a costuming club, I don't accept any form of compensation. 

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